Our Culture is for All

Sydney Harbour Elder was designed as a platform for people to connect with the knowledge and expertise of the Aboriginal and indigenous people that call Sydney Harbour home. We provide services including Welcomes to Country and Gadigal language as well operating as a consultancy for business, legal and culturally appropriate professional services.


We were created by

Three Aboriginal men with their own lived connections to the harbour; Mark Merriman. the lead elder of the Pyrmont /Ultimo area; artist and well-known  museum curator Matt Poll from Glebe; and legally qualified communicator and engineer Mike Butler for Pyrmont. Our goal is to connect all people with the extraordinary story of 60,000+ years of Aboriginal life and culture around  our home Sydney Harbour.


Inviting All Mob

From around Sydney and beyond to work with Sydney Harbour Elder. If you'd like to bring your culture to our bookings, or you provide professional services, we'd love to hear from you.